Bread Bag

1 lb Multigrain, 1/2 La Farm Sourdough Boule, 1 Rustic Baguette, Ciabatta loaf and a Box of White Chocolate Mini...

La Farm Bread

La Farm's signature light sourdough loaf.

Asiago Parmesan

Large chunks of imported Parmesan and Asiago Cheese are marbled throughout the interior and exterior of this natural...


La Farm Bakery Challah is a soft, egg bread made with European butter.


A classic free-form Italian bread made with extra virgin olive oil.

French Baguette

The traditional French city bread.

Hard Rolls - 6 pk

La Farm's traditional crusty roll.

Bunny Bread

Perfect for a centerpiece or a great way to display your Signature La Farm Spread.

Melange Boule

A blend of fresh thyme and rosemary, with a hint of garlic, shaped into our rustic dough, and finished with coarse sea...


A healthy, high-fiber, bread that you will actually enjoy eating!

Pain de Mie

Old fashioned white pan bread. Excellent for delicious sandwiches!

Ciabatta Rolls - 4pk

Classic free-form italian flatbread made with extra virgin olive oil in a smaller size… excellent for sandwiches!

Piedmont Whole Wheat

Earthy and nutty in flavor, with a smooth crumb and crisp crust.

Rustic Italian

A traditional Italian bread with a slightly crunchy crust and spongy interior. Guaranteed to hold up against the best...

Stuffed Baguettes

Our traditional French baguette dough stuffed with a variety of farmers market fresh ingredients.

White Chocolate Mini Baguette

Uniquely La Farm... Belgian white chocolate chunks swirled in a french mini baguette.

Chocolate Cherry Hot Cross Buns

Our hot cross bun recipe with decadent chocolate and plump cherries!

Sesame Italian

This loaf has a soft and airy interior with a crunchy sesame seed crust… makes wonderful sandwiches!

White Chocolate Baguette Bites

Uniquely La Farm… belgian white chocolate chunks swirled in a mini french baguette.

Scandinavian Rye

Inspired by Lionel’s recent trip to Norway and featured in Food & Wine Magazine, our brand new Scandinavian Rye...