La Farm House Blend
regular or decaf
Locally roasted organic Counter Culture Coffee house blend
12oz / 16oz
$ 3.29 / $ 3.89
Café Mocha
12oz (hot) / 16oz (hot or iced)
Made with our rich made-in-house chocolate ganache
$ 4.99 / $ 5.49
Café au Lait
12oz / 16oz
Two parts drip coffee and one part steamed milk with just a hint of foam
$ 3.99 / $ 4.29
Café Latte
12oz (hot) / 16oz (hot or iced)
Silky smooth steamed milk to two shots of our ‘Big Trouble’ espresso, topped off with a thin yet delectable layer of foam
$ 4.49 / $ 4.99
La Farm Specialty: 
Café Americano
A double shot of ‘Big Trouble’ suspended over ~8oz hot water, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from our regular drip coffee
$ 3.29
The essential and classic darling of any traditional espresso menu, consisting of equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and silky foam
$ 4.29
La Farm Specialty: 
A small, traditional Spanish drink bearing many similarities to a cappuccino with a significantly thinner layer of foam
$ 3.89
2oz (hot or iced)
Two shots of Counter Culture Coffee's "Big Trouble"; a clean, sweet, low-acidity coffee sourced from small-scale farms featuring flavor notes of nut, caramel, and dark chocolate
$ 3.29
Add-Ins and Extras
Soy/Almond/Oat Milk
add $ 0.79 each
add $ 0.99 each

Indicates La Farm Specialty