Galette des Rois

Also referred fondly as the "King Cake". This tender puff pastry is filled with a decadent almond cream filling. This dessert can be served warm with ice cream or at room temperature. It includes the Royal Crown and porcelain trinket to play the famed "Epiphany Game" In France, it’s tradition that when the cake comes to the table, the youngest person at the gathering slides under the table or covers their eyes and then tells the host what order each person is served. As each guest enjoys their dessert, one person will find a porcelain “surprise” figurine in their piece of cake. The person who finds it keeps it hidden from the group until everyone finishes. Once finished, the person who found the figurine gets to name his or her “King” for the year. The King then holds this honorary position until the following year in which the King hosts the same event