Local Matters

wheat growers with Chef Lionel Vatinet in Pinehurst, NC

For several years now, we have worked closely with wheat grower Billy Carter of Carter Farms in Pinehurst, NC and miller Jennifer Lapidus of Carolina Ground in Asheville, NC to replace all of the whole wheat and rye flours used at La Farm Bakery with these locally grown and cold-stone milled, organic, heirloom flours.There’s no better way for us to share our gratitude than by creating breads made with flour that’s grown and milled right here in North Carolina. 

“This is a turning point in the American bread baking industry, and we’re proud to see North Carolina playing a leading role" - Lionel Vatinet 

We are proud to be surrounded by great local artisans and enjoy using their quality products in our bakery and cafe.wheat millers with Chef Lionel Vatinet in Asheville, NC

In addition to buying local ingredients, we are proud to carry the following local specialty products:

We are committed to giving back to the community. At the end of each day, we donate our remaining breads to the following charities:

  • Raleigh Food Pantry
  • Interfaith Council
  • Cary Food Pantry
  • Sondei CRFM
  • Woods Charter

We also proudly donate to the following charities through our donation jar:

Event Donations:

We work with organizations throughout the area to help support local charities, schools, and events by donating La Farm products. To connect with us about a local event, please contact us at info@lafarmbakery.com