Keeping Your Bread Fresh

If you plan to eat your bread within 48 hours

To preserve the crisp crust, store bread in a paper bag until ready to eat. Avoid plastic bags unless you desire a softer crust. Leave cut side down on your cutting board, French style. Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. The crust of the un-sliced bread naturally protects the freshness. Avoid the refrigerator as it dries out the bread more quickly. To warm bread, place in an oven pre-heated to 375˚F for 5-7 minutes. Freeze portions of bread you do not plan to eat in 48 hours.

To Freeze

Cut the bread in half or thirds to prevent unnecessary thawing and refreezing. To freeze, wrap cool bread in aluminum foil and wrap again in plastic wrap or place in a heavy sealed freezer bag. The aluminum foil creates another layer to reduce freezer burn. Make sure most of the air is squeezed out of the bag. Write the date of baking on the bag. Our bread frozen will keep well for at least one month.


Remove bread from plastic and aluminum foil, let defrost at room temperature. Wrap loaf in aluminum foil and place wrapped loaf in a preheated oven at 375˚F for 10-15 minutes. The aluminum foil will act like a steam chamber to re-crisp the crust.


Make sure to use a sharp serrated bread knife. For you convenience, we will slice all or part of your loaves at the bakery. Sliced bread will become stale quicker, so please eat or store appropriately.