A healthy, high-fiber, bread that you will actually enjoy eating!

Pain de Mie

Old fashioned white pan bread. Excellent for delicious sandwiches!

Piedmont Whole Wheat

Earthy and nutty in flavor, with a smooth crumb and crisp crust.

Rustic Baguette

This country-style baguette is made in the old world tradition that produces a crisp crust with a delicate airy...

Rustic Italian

A traditional Italian bread with a slightly crunchy crust and spongy interior. Guaranteed to hold up against the best...

Rye Bread

A traditional European bread. Made with North Carolina grown and cold-stone milled rye flour.

Scandinavian Rye

Inspired by Lionel’s recent trip to Norway and featured in Food & Wine Magazine, our brand new Scandinavian Rye...

Stuffed Baguettes

Our traditional French baguette dough stuffed with a variety of farmers market fresh ingredients.

White Chocolate Mini Baguette

Uniquely La Farm! Belgian White Chocolate chunks swirled in a French mini Baguette.