Hot Dog Buns - 4pk

A soft brioche hot dog bun made with eggs and butter....perfect for your cookout!

Brioche Rolls - 4pk

A soft brioche bun made with farm fresh eggs and butter...perfect for your grilled burgers!

Blueberry Raspberry Cream Tart

Our most popular tart with fresh berries on a silky cream cheese tart base.

Banana Bread

made old-world style with ripened bananas and sweetened batter…a la farm family favorite!

Einkorn Pizza Fete

For the meal below we partnered with one of our favorite local ice cream shops "FRESH.Local" to top on La...

Einkorn Pizza Family Meal Box

For those that just want different pizza "options"

Einkorn Family Size Pizza

For those that can agree on the same pizza!

Small Pizza

Our pizza in a smaller size for yourself or to share!

"Heat & Serve" Quiche Breakfast


Creme Brulee French Toast Breakfast

"Heat & Serve" Our signature french toast made with cinnamon brioche with amish maple syrup.