Scone Mix

Make La Farm's signature scones at home!!

Piedmont Whole Wheat

Earthy and nutty in flavor, with a smooth crumb and crisp crust.

White Chocolate Mini Baguette

Uniquely La Farm... Belgian white chocolate chunks swirled in a french mini baguette.

Italian Seasoning - 3oz


Fennel Seeds - 3oz


Walnut Pieces - 12oz


Flaxseed - 6oz


Poppy Seeds - 6oz


Millet - 6oz


Sunflower Seeds - 6oz


Pumpkin Seeds - 6oz


Sea Salt - 1lb


Sugar - 5lb


Organic Granulate Brown Sugar - 1lb


Oats - 2lb


Almond Flour - 10 oz


Crepe Mix

Enjoy La Farm's signature crepe mix wrapped and and let your friends add there own special twist to our beloved...

Hearth Baked Granola

This La Farm classic is made of toasted oats, sesame seeds, and almonds.

La Farm Signature Mixes

For the baker or food aficionado in your family...a wonderful selection of La Farm's signature mixes.