Carolina Gold Rice Bread

The Bakers wanted to create a bread featuring Carolina Gold Rice from Anson Mills and the revitalization of our rice fields here in NC, SC, and throughout our southern region.  With artistic interpretation, a rice porridge made of Carolina Gold Rice Grits was created in similar fashion to the staple bread of the colonial era when rice was more prevalent than other grains in the south.  This bread showcases our farmers from the southern region of the US and their dedication to this organic, heirloom, historic grain.  

Anson Mills’
'Carolina Gold Rice Grits'
Organic, heirloom rice from our southern United States.

This loaf is packed with a cooked rice porridge transforming the crumb into a soft, moisture-rich experience.  The exterior of the loaf boasts a crackling crust dotted with rice which adds a contrast of texture with the interior.