Scandinavian Rye

Inspired by Lionel’s trip to Norway and featured in Food & Wine Magazine, our Scandinavian Rye Bread is all about highlighting nutritious grains and locally grown heirloom Wren's Abruzzi Rye.  This rye is grown on Billy Carter's farm in Eagle Springs, NC and "cold stone ground" by Carolina Ground Mill in Asheville, NC.  Rye flour is one of our most favorite because it is considered a low glycemic grain.  This natural levain bread is filled with millet, oats, and sprouted rye berries then proofed for 14-16 hours before being baked.  Unlike any of our other breads, the bakers hold this bread for a full day to allow flavors from the grains to fully develop before offering for sale.  This bread stores best in the refrigerator.